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Tasks A day for Small Business

Create An Action Plan

When you define what you want to achieve with your small business, spend some extra time to write down the steps you need to take. Make a blueprint which states exactly what you want to achieve, and what you have to do to reach your goals. Make it clear what is most important. In what order should it be done? What needs extra time or resources?

Instead of just having one definite deadline for your main goal, you need to create stop over goals. Make a schedule and set stop over goals at each state of progress. Write down an estimated arrival date at each stop over goal. By doing this ,you’ll break down your main goal into manageable easy to maintain steps.

Create Your Five A Day Plan Ahead

set aside 5-10 minutes at the end of each day. Have a look at your plan and decide what needs to be done to move you to the next stop over goal. What can you do tomorrow that will bring your small business closer to that next stop over goal?

Decide what you want to accomplish, and break it down into tasks, small tasks that can be completed in a couple of hours, or even minutes. It might be something as small and quick to do as, “Get a price list from supplier A.” Or it may be a bigger task such as “Write down all the benefits to cover on your sales page.” Whatever the task is, make sure you break it down far enough so you can complete it in a couple of hours, at most.

Time to start! Write down five tasks for tomorrow. Write down exactly what you need to do, what results you want to achieve, what resources you’ll need.

No Matter What, You Must Stick To Your Plan!

Tomorrow you must complete all five tasks. You can’t afford to let “emergencies” divert you from these all important business developing, goal achieving tasks. Don’t spend your day jumping from one emergency to another. Put your blinders on, and concentrate on your tasks, do it each and every day.