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Business Challenges that Small Business Must Overcome

1. Working capital -The lack of working capital is the leading threat to most small businesses. Toner suppliers are no exception. Many small to mid-range toner suppliers are already undercapitalized with no access to the type of working capital needed to break into the next level of business. Working capital is a must for financing new receivables and purchasing additional inventory associated with a growing customer base.

2. Time Allocation and Focus -Your focused time and attention consumed by the ongoing daily activities of operating a toner supply business such as inventory management, vendor relationships, order fulfillment, accounting and information technology leave little time for the one revenue producing activity: SALES. Outsourcing non-core functions and placing the focus back on sales and marketing is a workable solution for many suppliers having the capital needed to initiate the outsourcing process.

3. Products and Services – Today’s office customers expect more from their toner suppliers than cartridges on demand. In addition to the base-line services of cartridge delivery and empty cartridge pick-up, customers want value-added services such as printer maintenance, operator training, technical support and possibly complete print management services. As more customers streamline their own operations to focus on core business functions, they become increasingly persuaded by the advantages of complete print management solutions. Offering this service allows toner suppliers to develop and strengthen customer relationships while improving profitability.

4. Geography – Increasing sales is a good indication of a business’s strength. One way to achieve this goal is to gain access to the broadest geographical territory possible. However, as more office customers demand printer service along with their toner supply, more toner suppliers are finding themselves limited by the reach of their service provider network. Expanding an existing service provider network or developing one for the first time is an option that must be considered for continued growth.